Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Optimization of the actuators and sensors placement using the heuristic methods and investigating the uncertainty nature of the parameters    M.Sc.    gholami, ali    0000-00-00
2    Performance improvement of the evolutionary structural optimization using genetic algorithm    M.Sc.    Hajabdollahi Ouderji, Farzaneh    0000-00-00
3    Crack identification in functionally graded beams using inteligent algorithms    Ph.D    Nazari, Foad    0000-00-00
4    Vibration Analysis of Multi-Cracked Functionally Graded Beams    Ph.D    Nazari, Foad    0000-00-00
5    study the second law of thermodynamics over the stretching surface in the presence of the slip flow in nanofluid    Ph.D    Nazari, Foad    0000-00-00
6    Study the entropy generation in unsteady nano-fluid flow over the stretching surface using the numerical methods    Ph.D    Nazari, Foad    0000-00-00
7    Vibration Analysis of Cracked Bidirectional Functionally Graded Beam    Ph.D    Nazari, Foad    0000-00-00
8    optimization of functionally graded beam using artificial neural network and optimization algorthms    Ph.D    Nazari, Foad    0000-00-00
9    Error Minimization and Parameters Investigation in Bird Strike Test Simulation Using Taguchi Method            0000-00-00
10    Study of mechanical properties and dynamic behavior of carbon nanotubes under thermomechanical loadings    Ph.D    talebian, taha    2010-08-07
11    Optimization of the shape of the structures using Evolutionary structural Optimization (ESO)    M.Sc.    samadi, nima    2011-05-16
12    Free vibration analysis of FG problems using isogeometric analysis method    M.Sc.    Hassanzadeh Taheri, Alireza    2011-08-08
13    Design optimization of 2D and 3D continuum structures using an efficient simulated annealing algorithm    M.Sc.    lkh, behzad    2011-08-08
14    optimization of milling parameters using neural network and genetic algorithm    M.Sc.    negarestani, asghar    2011-10-24
15    Thermo elastic analysis of rotating FGM hollow disk with desirable distribution of material properties and thermal load    M.Sc.    yavarikarizaki, ahmad    2012-05-14
16    Maximization of the stiffness of 2D structures using simulated annealing    M.Sc.    seyydi, mahdi    2012-05-28
17    Simulation and Numerical Analysis of Bird-strike on Aircraft Wing Leading Edge    M.Sc.    pahange, hassan    2014-03-10
18    Improved evolutionary structural optimization using harmony search concepts    M.Sc.    Mehrvarzan, Heidar    2014-05-05
19    Shape Optimization of Turbine Blades Using Taguchi Method    M.Sc.    ghasemi giw, mehdi    2014-06-09
20    Topology and shape optimization of nonlinear continuum structures using BESO method    M.Sc.    alavinia, yasser    2014-11-10
21    A semianalytic solution for magnetoelectroelestic behavior of functionally graded piezoelectric/piezomagnetic under haygrothermal loading    M.Sc.    DINI, ALI    2014-11-10
22    Dynamic analysis of coupled non-Fickian diffusion-thermoelasticity based on non-classic theories using analytical method    Ph.D    hosseini, seyed amin    2015-01-07
23    Optimization of Functionally Graded Cylinders under Thermo-Mechnical Loadings    M.Sc.    shaban, mojtaba    2015-06-22
24    Elastostatic analysis of thick functionally graded plates using EFG method    M.Sc.    Nazari, Amir    2015-09-03
25    Geometrically nonlinear dynamic analysis of functionally graded axisymmetric thick hollow cylinders using MLPG method    Ph.D    sajadi, seyed yaghoub    2015-10-18
26    Application of the Adomian Decomposition Method for vibration Analysis of Linear and Non-Linear Structures    Ph.D    Ahrari, Reza    2015-10-18
27    Three Dimensional Free Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Composite Structures Reinfored with Shape Memory Alloys Using Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method    Ph.D    Nazari, Foad    2015-11-15
28    Investigtion of topology optimization of continuous periodic structures at macroscopic level with BESO method    M.Sc.    kashiri chahardeh, fereshteh    2016-01-11
29    2D numerical investigation of the effects of flapping fin on a supersonic parachute performance    M.Sc.    Pilehchian, Mohammad Reza    2016-04-25
30    Reliability-based topology optimization based on bidirectional evolutionary structural optimization    M.Sc.    mohammadzadeh, hamed    2016-06-20
31    Numerical study of vibrational characteristic of multilyer carbon nanotubes and nanocomposites consisting of monolayer structure and polymer matrix    M.Sc.    kazemi, saleh    2016-08-29
32    An analytical solution for effect of magnetic field on generalized thermoelastic diffusion rotating medium.    M.Sc.    Farjadibajestani, Javad    2016-09-19
33    Analysis of Coupled Thermoelastic Waves Propagation of Axisymmetriy Geometry under Moving Mechanical and Thermal Shock Using Isogeometric Method    Ph.D    yavari, ahmad    2016-10-18
34    Free vibration analysis of hetero-junction carbon nanotubes using continuum mechanic approach    Ph.D    Mohammadian, Mostafa    2016-11-13
35    Application of the Non Standard Finite Difference Method for non linear vibration Analysis of Cables, rods and shafts    Ph.D    shadkami, mohammad    2016-12-26