Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Analysis of elastic and coupled thermoelastic waves propagation in axial symmetrical geometries constructed by functionally graded materials under mechanical and thermal shock loading using the isogeometric approach    Ph.D    ahmad yavari    1399/11/29
2    Comparison of BESO with other Topology Optimization Methods    M.Sc.    AHMED MAJID FARHAN AL ATTABI    1398/12/12
3    Free vibrations analysis of hetero-junction CNTs using the continuum mechanics method    Ph.D    Mostafa Mohammadian    1397/11/07
4    An analytical solution for effects of magnetic field on the generalized thermoelastic diffusion in a rotating medium    M.Sc.    Javad Farjadibajestani    1397/06/31
5    Three Dimensional Free Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Composite Structures Reinfored with Shape Memory Alloys Using Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method    Ph.D    Foad Nazari    1397/02/27
6    Reliability-based topology optimization based on bidirectional evolutionary structural optimization    M.Sc.    hamed mohammadzadeh    1396/05/02
7    2D numerical investigation of the effects of flapping fin on a supersonic parachute performance    M.Sc.    Mohammad Reza Pilehchian    1395/11/18
8    Dynamic analysis of coupled non-Fickian diffusion-thermoelasticity based on non-classic theories using analytical method    Ph.D    seyed amin hosseini    1395/10/28
9    Optimization of Functionally Graded Cylinders under Thermo-Mechnical Loadings    M.Sc.    mojtaba shaban    1395/06/27
10    Improved evolutionary structural optimization using harmony search concepts    M.Sc.    Heidar Mehrvarzan    1394/12/01
11    Investigtion of topology optimization of continuous periodic structures at macroscopic level with BESO method    M.Sc.    fereshteh kashiri chahardeh    1394/11/07
12    Elastostatic analysis of thick functionally graded plates using EFG method    M.Sc.    Amir Nazari    1394/10/30
13    A semianalytic solution for magnetoelectroelestic behavior of functionally graded piezoelectric/piezomagnetic under haygrothermal loading    M.Sc.    ALI DINI    1394/10/14
14    Topology and shape optimization of nonlinear continuum structures using BESO method    M.Sc.    yasser alavinia    1393/11/07
15    Simulation and Numerical Analysis of Bird-strike on Aircraft Wing Leading Edge    M.Sc.    hassan pahange    1393/10/29
16    Optimization of the shape of the structures using Evolutionary structural Optimization (ESO)    M.Sc.    nima samadi    1392/06/31
17    Thermo elastic analysis of rotating FGM hollow disk with desirable distribution of material properties and thermal load    M.Sc.    ahmad yavarikarizaki    1392/06/31
18    Free vibration analysis of FG problems using isogeometric analysis method    M.Sc.    Alireza Hassanzadeh Taheri    1391/12/02
19    Design optimization of 2D and 3D continuum structures using an efficient simulated annealing algorithm    M.Sc.    behzad lkh    1391/06/31
20    Maximization of the stiffness of 2D structures using simulated annealing    M.Sc.    mahdi seyydi    1391/06/31
21    Optimization of the actuators and sensors placement using the heuristic methods and investigating the uncertainty nature of the parameters    M.Sc.    ali gholami    1391/06/30
22    Study of mechanical properties and dynamic behavior of carbon nanotubes under thermomechanical loadings    Ph.D    taha talebian    1391/06/30
23    optimization of milling parameters using neural network and genetic algorithm    M.Sc.    asghar negarestani    1391/04/07
24    Performance improvement of the evolutionary structural optimization using genetic algorithm    M.Sc.    Farzaneh Hajabdollahi Ouderji    1390/09/22